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The Bachelor Season 16’s Courtney Robertson is writing a book called I Didn't Come Here To Make Friends — Confessions of a Reality TV Villain. But Ben Flajnik’s ex-fiancee is far from the first Bachelor Nation resident to hit the publishing circuit after going on the show. Here are some of the many other books by former franchise stars.

Helene Eksterowicz and Gwen Gioia

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Sometimes the best relationships to come out of The Bachelor are the friendships between the contestants. Helene Eksterowicz and Gwen Gioia competed for Aaron Buerge's love on The Bachelor Season 2 in 2002. Helene won Aaron's heart, but the love didn't last. However, she and Gwen went on to publish a book in 2004 called Nobody's Perfect: What to Do When You've Fallen For a Jerk But You Want to Make It Work. Don't take it personally, Aaron!

Jen Schefft

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Jen Schefft is no longer single, but in 2007 when she published Better Single Than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling, she had come off of two failed Bachelor/ette relationships. First, she got engaged to Bachelor Andrew Firestone, but that only lasted for six months. Then she rejected her proposals as The Bachelorette. As the book blurb states, "But even though she was reviled in the tabloid press and on the Internet, Jen believes it would be a far worse fate to commit to a relationship that was wrong for her." Now she's married to Joe Waterman and they have two daughters, so... good for her for not settling!

Meredith Phillips

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Meredith Phillips has been way out of the public eye since she was the second Bachelorette — other than recently coming forward with her struggles with alcoholism — but back in 2008 she produced an elegant cookbook called The Date Night Cookbook: 25 Easy-to-Cook Menus for the Busy Couple. Now that Meredi is trying to start her life over again at age 39, she might be ready for another kind of book about self-discovery. We'd read it!

Trista Sutter

Trista Sutter was the very first Bachelorette and she and Ryan Sutter are working up to their 10th wedding anniversary. Before that December event, Trista is releasing her book on gratitude, Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart. This isn't a tell-all, it's Trista sharing keys to everyday happiness through personal stories and anecdotes from friends and experts.

Melissa Rycroft

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Nobody in Bachelor Nation knows reality TV like Melissa Rycroft. (Except maybe Jake Pavelka, but don't give him any ideas.) Even before she went on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor, she was on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. She went from there to The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, co-hosting Bachelor Pad Season 1, etc. In her My Reality book, Melissa writes about her Cinderella story, including how her boyfriend breaking up with her led her to The Bachelor. That boyfriend is now her husband Tye and they have a daughter together, and even got their own TV show, Melissa & Tye, on CMT.

Bob Guiney

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Remember Bob Guiney? He first won fans over on Trista Sutter's season of The Bachelorette, then he became the fourth Bachelor — the first "recycled" one, having started as a contestant himself. This book, What a Difference a Year Makes: How Life's Unexpected Setbacks Can Lead to Unexpected Joy, came out in 2003 when he was The Bachelor. It chronicles his heartbreak leading up to being cast on The Bachelorette — including his first wife announcing via Post-It note that she wanted a divorce — and his subsequent 40-pound weight gain and depression. Bob didn't make the love last with his Bachelor chosen one, and he actually got divorced again later, but at least he still has the Band From TV!

Sean Ramey

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Somebody just cleverly tied his book into the zombie craze! Sean Ramey, the martial arts experts of DeAnna Pappas's Bachelorette Season 4, published Defend Yourself: (In A Zombie Apocalypse) in early 2013, as a follow-up to Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary): Seven Basic Steps to Self-Protection and Empowerment. The latest self-defense book aims "to arm individuals with the necessary skills to survive if faced in a life-threatening situation with the living or dead, using only hand-to-hand combat."

Travis Stork

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By now, Dr. Travis Stork is probably better known for his place on The Doctors than his time as the Bachelor. He was the Season 8 guy who picked the girl who lived right in his hometown of Nashville, despite setting the whole season in Paris. After leaving Bachelor Nation behind, Travis co-wrote a few books, including Don't Be That Girl: A Guide to Finding the Confident, Rational Girl Within and more medicine-based work, including The Lean Belly Prescription: The Fast and Foolproof Diet and Weight-Loss Plan From America's Top Urgent-Care Doctor.

David Good

David Good didn't do “man code” proud on Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette, but he got it across better on Bachelor Pad Season 1, which he won with Natalie Getz. After winning, Dave published The Man Code: A Woman's Guide to Cracking the Tough Guy. The book "lifts the hood on the standard to which men hold themselves, empowering women by helping them decipher the unspoken rules that govern masculinity."

Shawntel Newton

Shawntel Newton, the funeral director from Brad Womack's second season — and briefly Ben Flajnik's season — wrote a book last year called Final Rose. It's about her experiences before and after the show, her family, and what being a funeral director has taught her about compassion and relationships.

Lorenzo Borghese

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Bachelor: Rome's Prince Lorenzo Borghese, "a descendant of the brother-in-law of Napoleon Bonaparte," published his first novel, The Princess of Nowhere, in 2010. The novel is about Napoleon's beautiful sister, Pauline Bonaparte. "Married to the Italian Prince Camillo Borghese, a union as much of passion as of state, Pauline drove the jealous Camillo wild, and away for most of their marriage, with her infidelities and indiscretions." Lorenzo also apparently contributed to the book Decent Proposal: Divine secrets from the Pleasure Professor.

Holly Durst

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Holly Durst was actually billed as a children's book author on Matt Grant's The Bachelor Season 12, but she wasn't able to publish her first children’s book, Chocolate Socks, until she got the money from co-winning Bachelor Pad Season 2. This adorable book is about bringing two of your favorite things together, and in this case the little girl in the story invents chocolate socks. We'd love some!

Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock

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Chris Siegfried was the baseball-playing poet of Desiree Hartsock's The Bachelorette Season 9, and his book reflects that right from the cover. Diamonds + Hearts: A Poetic Memoir is an "inside look into the heart of Chris as he pushed through professional baseball and through his recent journey to find love on national television." Each poem has a synopsis of where Chris' heart was when he wrote it and an original piece from his journal. The book also shares poems by his fiancee, Bachelorette Des herself.

Have you read any of these Bachelor books? If so, what did you think?