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People get rowdy on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Thankfully there are cameras around to capture the magic. As time has passed, the seasons have gotten more outrageous with ratings-bait antics, so our list of top 15 crazy moments skews heavily in favor of the recent insanity. Just try to top this, Juan Pablo Galavis!

1. Jason Picks Melissa — No, Molly!

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In 2009, unlucky Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick managed to dethrone Brad Womack as the most hated Bachelor ever. Part of it had to do with the fact that it was Jason — sweet, single father Jason, a fan favorite from DeAnna Pappas's season of The Bachelorette. It didn't seem like he could hurt a fly and yet he publicly broke up with his chosen one, Melissa Rycroft — who called him a "bastard" — only to ask out his runner-up, Molly Malaney, just a few minutes later.

The way it played out — the happy finale with Jason and Melissa, followed by the After the Final Rose dumping, then the After the Final Rose Part 2 with Jason and Molly — was awkward, painful, and totally unbelievable. It also launched the whole spoilers phenomenon from Reality Steve, with fans desperate for more intel on what crazy thing would happen next. Once again, things ended well for all parties: Jason and Molly are now married and Melissa has never left the public eye, first competing on Dancing With the Stars, then launching a TV correspondent career and co-hosting Bachelor Pad. She's also married to a guy she knew before going on The Bachelor and pregnant with their second child. If anything, she should thank Jason.

2. Brad Womack Pulls The Womack

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Oh, Brad! Brad, Brad, Brad. We'll give him credit: He may be a lot of things, but he is not a sell-out. The Bachelor audience wants a happy ending, but instead of giving us the usual proposal or "let's see where this goes" finale — only to inevitably break up a few months later — Brad decided to be honest. He was just not that into you, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft. He shocked viewers, who felt like Brad had completely wasted their time and needlessly led on two innocent women. It all ended up fine, but Brad was the most hated guy in The Bachelor universe for a long time. (Until, uh, see above.)

3. Jake and Vienna Dissolve Their Union of Fame Whoredom

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The hand chop heard 'round the world aired during Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette. If only Jake Pavelka had taken Ali back, maybe he could've been spared the embarrassment of his harsh public breakup with Vienna Girardi. She cried. He seethed. She interrupted. He yelled. Chris Harrison looked alternately terrified of the train going off the rails in front of him and excited by the prospect of high ratings. Somehow, Vienna ended up looking like the winner of the fight — even after bursting into tears, calling Jake a mean fame whore, and running away. But Jake found redemption of a kind onBachelor Pad Season 2 when he tried to make peace with Vienna and she rejected the olive branch.

4. The "He/She's Got a Girlfriend/Boyfriend Back Home" Move

At this point, no season feels complete without someone being outed for having a hot piece back home. You know most of them have someone on standby, it’s just a matter of which contestant will be called out and how much of a fuss will ensue.

Wes Hayden launched the trend in The Bachelorette Season 5; it was shocking — shocking! — at the time, even if we never even saw his alleged girlfriend, Laurel. They upped the ante in Season 6 with entertainment wrestler Justin "Rated-R" Rego. He hobbled off into the Turkish sunset as voicemails he left to his ex-girlfriend, Jessica, played out for viewers to enjoy.  

Casey Shteamer brought some gender equality into the mix when her supposed ex back home said they were still together, leaving Casey a sobbing mess as she left The Bachelor Season 16. And things got really fun in Desiree Hartsock’s recent The Bachelorette Season 9 when Brian Jarosinski and Stephanie Larimore aired their dirty soap opera laundry right there in front of everyone. Where can this now popular theme go from here? Perhaps next time, the ex will just be one of the contestants, too.

5. They Quit!

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There was a time when it was rare for people to just admit they weren’t feeling it. Now it happens a lot, although it’s usually early in the season, not right before they might get engaged.

Ed SwiderskiAli Fedotowsky, Frank Neuschaefer, and Brooks Forester all broke the hearts of their respective leads when they left fairly late in the game. At least Ed came back. He left Jillian for his job back in Chicago, before returning to The Bachelorette Season 5, which he later won. Ali left Jake for Facebook and then called to come back. By then, Jake had moved on, so Ali was free to dump Facebook again for a starring role on The Bachelorette. Frank masterfully combined the girlfriend-back-home theme with quitting late in the game when we actually saw him reunite with his girlfriend in Chicago, then watched him leave Ali at the final three in Bora Bora.

Brooks was (wrongly) spoiled as The One for Desiree Hartsock, but after a long, rambling speech it gradually became clear that Brooks just wasn’t that into Des, and he left her questioning the whole process … for about five minutes, before she decided to just go with Chris. Who will quit next?

6. Bad News Bentley Insults Ashley Hebert

It’s one thing to quit, it’s even worse to quit while being so disrespectful to the lead. Was it just choppy editing or was Bentley Williams the victim of his own honesty? Michelle Money did try to warn Ashley Hebert that Bentley — her favorite before he quit — was just there to promote his business. He acted one way to Ashley and then another while telling the cameras how little he was into her. It just came off as obnoxious, and fans were beyond disgusted. Bentley was bashed for the entire season and basically went into hiding after, declining a chance to be insulted any further on the “The Men Tell All.”

7. Rozlyn is Accused of an “Inappropriate Relationship” With a Producer

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Rozlyn Papa was accused of flirting, cuddling, and snuggling with producer Ryan Callahan, who was fired from the show. It would’ve been funnier if Jake had attempted to confront Rozlyn instead of Chris Harrison, when this all went down on Season 14, Episode 2. Was it because Rozlyn was accused of getting cozy with a show producer and Chris was there as a production rep? Their conversation was so awkward and choppy, it’s hard to tell what in the world really happened. (Kelly Ripa did a fun reenactment, though.) Jake stayed out of it, unlike Ali chasing Justin through Turkey. The Rozlyn thing turned into a big he said/she said scandal, although in hindsight it just seems like maybe she was a better fit for Bachelor Pad … which didn’t exist yet. Ahead of her time!

8. Ben and Courtney Go Skinny Dipping

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Can you imagine if Ben Flajnik didn't pick Courtney Robertson and his Chosen One had to see him go skinny dipping with the model? Before Season 16 even started, ABC teased NSFW videos of Ben in the buff, which just turned off a lot of fans — and they hadn't even started disliking Courtney yet! This isn’t exactly a classy show, but some fans felt it was a step too far for the Bachelor to get naked with one of his ladies — on TV, at least. Courtney was very free with her body throughout the season, stealing Ben's attention in her bikini and then going topless with the natives. The other girls weren't quite as forward, but Ben loved her aggression. Missed out? Relive the magic.

9. Tierra-ble

Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Tierra LiCausi Shivers in The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 6

Why couldn’t everyone just appreciate her *sparkle*?! The Bachelor has a long history of drama girls, and the most recent is Tierra LiCausi. Her uncontrollable eyebrows and over-the-top emotions dominatedSean Lowe’s season. Did she really tumble down the stairs? Did she really get hypothermia? Was she even really engaged after the show? How much was real and how much was a sparkly show? Who will be the next drama girl, since it’s inevitable Juan Pablo’s season will have (at least) one?

10. Drunk Tim Needs to Take the Special Van Home

It's really only surprising that this doesn't happen more often. People get drunk on the show all the time, but Tim McCormack took it to a new level on Ashley's Season 7 premiere. Stacey Elza of Matt Grant's season got drunk, gave him a pair of panties, and passed out, but at least she didn't have to be carted away. Tim was literally carried out by the fellow bachelors. He didn't even get a limo exit, he was dropped in a van before the first rose ceremony even happened. Poor guy. Talk about embarrassing. The funniest part might be how much he insulted Masked Jeff before leaving, as if the mask was a worse move. Jeff's gimmick was upstaged by Tim's drunkenness, making the mask seem almost mature by comparison.

11. Kasey Kahl Wants to Guard and Protect Ali... a Little Too Much

Credit: Greg Zabilski/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney Photo: Kasey Kahl Displays His Tattoo in the Bachelor Pad Season 2 Premiere

Kasey Kahl started his verbal incontinence on the first night of The Bachelorette Season 6, gushing in a fast-talking blur about how he wanted to "guard and protect" Ali's heart. Then he started singing on their date in New York, including while Ali was captive in the dark, empty American Museum of Natural History. She expressed her displeasure with the singing and all the over-the-top "guard and protect" stuff, but gave him another chance to tone it down. Kasey somehow heard that he should do the exact opposite. So he snuck out and got a tattoo in New York, then showed it off to her in Iceland. Then he was dumped on a glacier as Ali flew away on a helicopter with Justin Rego, who was no prince himself. (See #4.)

12. Don’t Mind My Family!

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No wonder they save the family stuff for the end of the season — put it off as long as possible! Hometown Dates can kill this show, and sometimes — like with Ashley’s disapproving sister trying to steer her away from JP Rosenbaum — they can even ruin your happy final time. Remember how Desiree’s brother scared away Sean, Catherine Giudici’s sisters almost sabotaged her, Kirk DeWindt’s father took Ali into the basement to view the taxidermy, and Naomi Crespo’s mother forced Jason to attend a funeral for a bird? Good times!

13. Emily Goes West Virginia Hood Rat on Kalon

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Southern Barbie is usually the picture of ladylike poise, but Emily Maynard got super ticked off when Doug Clerget told her that Kalon McMahon referred to her daughter Ricki as "baggage." So she confronted Kalon in front of everyone and went "West Virginia hood rat backwoods on his ass." She made a whole speech, then told him to "get the f--k out." It was such a surprise from her, and totally made us want to induct her into our lady gang.

14. Chantal Slaps Brad

Chantal O'Brien set the tone for Brad’s 2.0 Season 15 with a hard slap to the face. She was the first one out of the limo, and introduced herself by saying she had seen his past season and had something for him "from every woman in America." Slap! Brad took it pretty well, saying he deserved that. A lot of women in America disagreed; in hindsight, Brad probably made the right — and most honest — call to not pick anyone on Season 11.

15. Fooled You!

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People are always pulling pranks on the leads. As if they don’t have enough stress! It’s usually fun, though. For the Season 12 hometowns, Amanda Rantuccio introduced Bachelor Matt to her over-the-top “parents” who turned out to be hired actors. Brad Womack tried to confuse his ladies by bringing out his twin brother, Chad. Michael Stagliano also tried the twin trick on The Bachelorette Season 5 when trying to fool Jillian with his brother Stephen. Sean Lowe pretended to live in a messy room in his parents’ house when bringing Emily home on The Bachelorette. Sean pranked Desiree at an art exhibit on The Bachelor, and Des pranked him right back when an actor pretending to be her ex-boyfriend confronted Sean during her Hometown Date. Unfortunately, her verbally disapproving brother was not a prank, and she got the axe.

What outrageous moments have stood out to you in the past 17 seasons of The Bachelor and nine of The Bachelorette? Do you think Juan Pablo’s season will add a few more to the list?