A couple weeks ago, we got a little help from our friends over at Ranker to judge the ladies on The Bachelor 2014. The 27 girls who will be competing for Juan Pablo Galavis on the show’s 18th season are still quite a mystery to us all, since we only started to meet them on The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo on January 5.

On tonight’s premiere, we’ll get to know a whole lot more about them, but for now, first impressions are what we have to work on. And since first impressions are so important to the show that they get you a freaking rose — or an invitation to GTFO — we think they’re pretty much the best place to start off this season we’re going to be spending together.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney Photo: Renee Oteri and Juan Pablo on The Bachelor Season 18 Premiere

Thousands of you checked out our introduction to the ranking system we threw your way, and we’ll be working it in throughout the next few months to find out which girls you love, which ones you’re ready to send packing, and whether you and Juan Pablo are on the same page.

After the first week’s standings, your favorite girl is Renee Oteri. It makes sense to us! She’s gorgeous, she and Juan Pabs have a ton in common, both being 32-year-old single parents, and she seems like a lot of fun. In the Season 18 premiere promo, it looks like she makes a great impression.

Also ranking high in your standings are Atlanta-based DA Andi Dorfman, Arizona dancer Kat Hurd, and swimsuit model Amy Long. Great choices, guys! Not getting quite as much love are elementary school teacher Ashley Poe, nurse and model Danielle Ronco, and massage enthusiast Amy Jokinen. We don’t know what those gals did wrong in your eyes, but we think they’re pretty great. Will Juan Pablo think so, too?Check out the Bachelor 2014 premiere tonight, at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out if your initial feelings match up to their onscreen presence. And check back tomorrow to rank the remaining gals who didn’t get eliminated on night one.

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