Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is one of the best Bachelor bloggers — she’s great at sharing behind-the-scenes intel on how the sausage is made, plus her assessment of what the rose-giver might be feeling at any given moment. (She was a psychology major, you know.)

Ali just posted her first impression of Juan Pablo Galavis’s Season 18 premiere in a lengthy E! Online blog, including her picks for the final three.

In the first position, she put Andi Dorfman, writing “Juan Pablo had a HUGE reaction to her looks coming out of the limo and they seem to really hit it off when they talked inside. She's hot AND a lawyer. She's a good catch and I think he knows it.” Ombre Andi was the last one to arrive and JPG’s eyes did light up at the sight of her. If he were a cartoon character, he might’ve done the whole tongue-on-the-ground thing with his eyes popping out and hearts floating around his head. Maybe he did it in real life, and it was just edited out...

Then again, he also had a huge reaction to pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell after their beating-heart intro. The pretty blonde took the second spot on Ali’s final three list. “Juan Pablo bit his hand because he thought she was so attractive coming out of the limo. Physical attraction is important too. But she was also the first person he chose to talk to inside. This is a very telling sign that she will go far.”

Speaking of Nikki, Ali said fans told her they look very similar to one another; Ali decided Nikki was more like her love child with Courtney Robertson. That’s some love child!

Who was third on Ali’s finalist list? You might be surprised, but she picked opera singer Sharleen Joynt. (Are you sure, sir?) “I know this is an odd choice for my number three but getting the 1st impression rose says a lot about his initial feelings for her,” Ali wrote. “In the majority of past seasons, the person who gets the 1st impression rose makes it into the top three. Unfortunately I have a feeling she will eliminate herself at some point. I just don't think she's made for this.”

Maybe Shar-Shar isn’t cut out for this show (which might be a great compliment), or maybe she just needs to get to know JPG better. Maybe their relationship will grow over time. But it’s not too shocking to see Ali read a lot into the first impression rose, since her own choice — Roberto Martinez — ended up her now ex-fiancé.

Do you agree with Ali’s picks for the final three? It’s still early days, but which woman is best for JPG, in your opinion?

Source: E! News