Arie Luyendyk, Jr. made a smoldering, make-outy impression on us in The Bachelorette Season 8, when he made not just Emily Maynard, but everyone with a pulse, weak in the knees. And though the Bachelorette didn’t choose him in the end, we still choose Arie every day.

Naturally, when it comes to our fictional, Internet-based relationship with the Bachelorette 2012 runner-up, we are very interested in what he has to say about everything Bachelor Nation. In his latest Sulia posts, he reflects on Juan Pablo Galavis’s lovely ladies, reacting to their presentation in the Bachelor 2014 premiere on January 6.

“So based JUST on the limo intros, I think Juan Pablo picks
Andi (Dorfman)! They had what I thought was the best chemistry. Pluuuuus the music changed which is a dead Bachelor giveaway ;),” he posted on Sulia. If anyone knows about chemistry, it would be the “Kissing Bandit,” whose skills are so known, he went on The Bachelor 2013 to advise Sean Lowe in the art of the perfect smooch.

He expands on his feelings about Andi, adding that she is a “great catch and they really seem to hit it off.” It’s true that when she stepped out of the limo, Juan Pablo was the most playful with her and talked to her the longest — at least, the edits showed the most interaction between the two of them.

Less impressive to our boy Arie is Sharleen Joynt, who received the First Impression Rose. “I don’t see the sparks and apparently she didn’t either sooooooo that’s not good,” he writes, before dismissing Lucy Aragon as well. “This little hippie has got the crazy eyes, floral tiara, and the dirty feet… a triple threat,” he jokes about the model who strolled in straight outta Woodstock.

We totally respect Arie’s opinion, but can’t help but wonder: If things don’t work out between Juan Pablo and Andi, maybe she’ll hang with Arie for a bit? Season 16’s Courtney Robertson checked him out and Season 17’s Selma Alameri stopped by for a kiss or two. Why break the streak now?

Source: Sulia

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