Picture this: you're in your favorite string bikini on a group date with Juan Pablo Galavis. The wind is in your hair, you just had a waxing session with Bachelorette alum Blakeley Jones, and you managed to shiv one of your competitors with a seashell in a devious ploy to rub sunscreen on Juan Pablo's abs.

Everything is looking up — until you get to your 1-on-1 date. Despite your enthusiastic use of the phrase "winner-winner chicken dinner" Juan seems totally grossed out by you. And then it happens. Juan picks up the rose, looks at you, and muses "adios."

Being deflowered on The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) is always a tragic occasion full of ugly-crying and self-loathing, but what happens after you're rejected? Well, usually a contestant is shoved in a limo and filmed sobbing her way to LAX, but in the latter half of the season it can go one of a few ways.

During hometown one-on-one dates, The Bachelor doesn't give out any roses — he waits until the Rose Ceremony to oust his latest victim. Similarly, The Bachelor doesn't give out any roses in the final two episodes — the contestants don't find out that they've been rejected until the Rose Ceremony, or, in the case of the finale, until they're standing at the altar being broken up with.

It's a cruel and unusual world we live in, guys. And yes, we happily operate under the delusion that we live in Bachelor Mznsion.