Credit: Josephine Santos © 2010 PacificCoastNews. All Rights Reserved Photo: Bachelor 2014's Elise Mosca With The Situation in 2010 at the Chateau Marmont

While Bachelor contestant Elise Mosca conservatively wiggled her way out of posing naked on Season 18 Episode 2, the school teacher apparently hasn’t always played things so safe.

The 27-year-old beauty reportedly used to spend her days partying on the boardwalk with the cast of Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights. According to a new report from Star magazine, Elise even had eyes for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and spent months trying to win his affection.

“Elise knew Mike before he was famous,” a source told Star. “But she really focused on him after he hit it big. She wanted to be with him for the fame, and eventually it got kind of creepy.”

The Forty Fort, Pennsylvania native reportedly made it her mission to make Mike her own.

“Elise had been doing some work for the casting company behind the series, and she knew Mike from around the Seaside Heights bars,” the insider said. “After Mike became a hit on the series, Elise started showing up everywhere he was. It was almost like she was stalking him. She definitely seemed obsessed with him.”

Pulling out all the stops to win the heart of a reality star doesn’t sound too different from the premise of The Bachelor, so we can’t exactly point fingers at Elise for her possibly questionable behavior.

“Mike hooked up with Elise on occasion through the years,” the source continued. “But it was always strictly a booty call. She was dying to be his girlfriend, but he was just having fun.”

Check out the picture of Elise and Mike "The Situation" Torrentino together in 2010 at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, and tell us what you think of the, er, situation.

Source: Star magazine via