Can you believe that Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis has managed to whittle down his harem of sister-wives to just six lucky ladies? One of these girls will have the blessed task of bearing his fleet of future love children, and it's time that we got to know them a little better.

With that in mind, we've rounded up everything you need to know about Juan Pablo's six finalists so you can watch the remaining episodes of The Bachelor like a true fan-girl. Educate yo-self, y'all!

Nikki Ferrell

This 26-year-old pediatric nurse hails from Kansas City, Missouri, and has a part-time gig as a professional model. Hardly surprising given her good looks! Nikki has already impressed Juan Pablo with her adventurous spirit and willingness to risk death in the name of love (that trip to Hell is forever etched in our memory), and you can find out more about her lust for life over here. In the meantime, make sure to follow Nikki on Instagram –– and if you want to find out how far she makes it in the race to win Juan Pablo's heart, click here!

Renee Oteri

Words cannot describe how much we love this 32-year-old single mom. Renee won us over with her sweet personality and constant nurturing, so it's no surprise that she made it to Juan Pablo's final six. This Floridian works for her father as a realtor in Sarasota, is a professional photographer in her spare time, and is a dedicated mom to her son, Benjamin. Head over here to find out more about Renee, and if you want to know how far she makes it on Juan Pablo's love journey, spoil yourself silly right over here

Andi Dorfman

Anyone else notice that Juan Pablo says "ay-ay-ay" almost everytime Andi wanders on screen? This brunette bombshell is definitely a frontrunner on The Bachelor, and it's easy to see why. 26-year-old Andi is super-driven, ridiculously smart, and works as an assistant district attorney in Atlanta. You can find out more about this girl's impressive resume over here, and learn just how far she makes it right over this way (spoiler alert: your jaw will drop). And if you're wondering whether or not Andi's on Instagram, the answer is yes, yes a thousand times yes!

Clare Crawley

Yep, Clare made it into Juan Pablo's final six despite that one awkward time when they kinda-sorta-maybe had sex in the ocean and Juan Pablo blamed her for the entire encounter. But Clare's hold on Juan Pablo isn't all that surprising, this lady is just as whimsical and smart as she is beautiful, and currently works as a mens' hair stylist in Sacramento, California. Head over here to find out how far Clare makes it, and click here to get more deets on her life –– including the tragic passing of her father. 

Sharleen Joynt

Surprised that culture-vulture Sharleen Joynt ended up in Juan Pablo's final six? Considering that she got his first impression rose, we aren't. This 29-year-old beauty is arguably the most sophisticated of Juan Pablo's half dozen remaining girlfriends, and currently works as a professional opera singer. Her life story is pretty interesting, but not as interesting as the journey she'll take throughout the remaining episodes of The Bachelor. Intrigued? Click here to find out more!

Chelsie Webster

Chelsie hasn't spent too much time with Juan Pablo this season, but she's managed to impress him enough to earn a spot in his final six, and we can see why. This 24-year-old Columbus, Ohio native is a total girl-next-door, who's all about family values and being generally adorable. You can find out more about Chelsie over here, and discover just how far she makes it in Juan Pablo's whack pack over here!

Who do you think will win Juan Pablo's heart in the end? Tell us in the comments below!