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After weeks of indecisiveness, Sharleen Joynt finally let Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis know — in the quietest voice possible — that she wasn’t going to be accepting any more roses. But if you ask Bachelorette O.G. Trista Sutter, Sharleen made a pretty big error in how she behaved on the show this season. And if Trista says something Bachelor-related, we’re pretty sure it has to be right.

Credit: Twitter

Trista — who celebrated ten years of marital bliss with hubby Ryan last year — writes in her Parade blog that Sharleen was wrong to stay on the show for so long when she knew out of the gate that Juan Pablo wasn’t the soccer player for her.

“Had she followed her instincts (and maybe done a little less kissing and a little more talking), she could’ve saved JP a bit of heartache and given the other women a bit more time with their potential happily ever after,” Trista writes, pointing out that “[Sharleen’s] intuition should never be denied.”

Whoa! Trista is taking the gloves off! And while maybe these aren’t quite fightin’ words from her, Trista clearly feels that Sharleen’s libido was writing checks that her intellect couldn’t cash. We might’ve thought that Trista would be a tad more empathetic to how tough it can be hard to know exactly how you’re feeling about a guy you’ve just met on a national TV show. But apparently, Trista’s all about the tough love these days.

Do you agree that Sharleen should have taken a moment to say her goodbyes sooner?

Source: Trista Sutter’s Parade Blog