Bachelor Season 18 “free spirit” Lucy Aragon has shown a knack for surprising us, whether she’s walking her dog naked on the show or posting photos of things that shouldn’t be posted (even if she swears she was, like, at church or something when that was taken). Now, she is revealing that she’ll be sharing a Juan Pablo Galavis-related surprise when the Women Tell All airs on March 3.

Lucy isn’t saying much about what this surprise entails, but it will be something she’ll be tweeting. “I have a very special surprise for all of you,” she wrote on February 26. “Tune in to my Twitter the night of WTA for an exciting new Bachelor twist. It’s gonna be good.”

Hmm. We’re intrigued, but we need more information. Luckily, Lucy tweeted a bit more the next day, calling it a “BIG BACHELOR SURPRISE” in all caps. She adds, “I will say that it involves all of us girls and JP, but I’m the star.” And when a Twitter follower asked her, “Does it have to do with Juan Pablo and Clare?” Lucy responded with a resounding, “YES.”

So what could this be? We’re wondering if maybe it’s a video that the ladies made with Juan Pabs — but then, why would it be on Lucy’s Twitter and not, say, on ABC’s? Given that Clare is involved, we’re guessing it might have something to do with Oceangate. And if it is a video, the only thing we’d be fairly certain about is that Lucy will probably be wearing little to no clothes in it, as is her specialty.

At any rate, it’s interesting that Juan Pablo is apparently involved in the surprise, since Lucy doesn’t appear to be a huge supporter of his at the moment. In the promo for the “Women Tell All” special, we see Lucy saying in a not-upbeat tone, “Just say what you’re actually thinking.” C’mon, Luce — being open about his feelings is not really Juan Pablo’s strong suit.

What do you think the surprise is?

Source: Lucy on Twitter