It’s no exaggeration to say that The Bachelor’s Season 18 Finale was pretty much three straight hours dedicated to how horrible Juan Pablo Galavis is. At least, that’s how it appeared to viewers. But Juan Pablo’s cousin — you know, the one with the clear braces — has taken to Twitter to call foul play on the part of ABC editors. The reality, he says, is not how it’s being portrayed on the show.

Rodolfo Soules, a radio and TV host for Univision Houston, is one of the family members who flew to St. Lucia to support his cousin on the Bachelor 2014 finale... and to give his thoughts on Juan Pablo’s final two.

But anyone who watched the finale will tell you that Juan Pablo’s family didn’t exactly do much to help. His mother warned both Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell about Juan Pablo’s short temper and lack of communication skills — even telling Clare that Juan Pabs had made her cry, too! Rodolfo made sure both girls knew his cousin will quickly flee when faced with conflict. Neither one was exactly penning a glowing recommendation, and only Juan Pablo’s dad hinted at family warmth.

In fact, Rodolfo was so unhelpful, that 2013 Bachelor Sean Lowe even took to Twitter to call him a “terrible wingman.” Rodolfo’s response? Don’t believe everything you see on TV! “Editing,” he replied on Twitter, “u should know about that.” Yep, considering Sean’s wedding turned into one big sex talk, we’d assume he does…

After the show, Rodolfo posted a photo of Nikki and Juan Pablo, writing “Congrats to @JuanPaGalavis & @Nikki_Ferrell and YES THEY ARE HAPPY!!! (FOTO) #TheBachelor” he wrote.

So, if we’re reading his meaning right, Juan Pablo’s family didn’t spend their entire time with the final two ladies badmouthing the Bachelor. Instead, Rodolfo seems to be implying that ABC editors choose to only use the negative parts of their conversation to support the story they wanted to tell. He’d probably say that if you think Juan Pablo’s a jerk, it’s only because you’re being made to believe that.

What do you think: Was Juan Pablo a victim of editing? Or is his family just try to salvage their PR disaster of a situation? Head below to let us know what you think!

Sources: Rodolfo Soules on Twitter