Credit: CityTV Photo: Brad and Bianka in Bachelor Canada Finale

Did you know that Canada has its own franchise of The Bachelor? They do, and it’s pretty great. On its first season, in 2012, handsome footballer Brad Smith chose insanely hot palliative care nurse Bianka Kamber as his winner -- and they’re still together! Now, Canada is preparing to kick off Season 2, and they asked the country to help select the girls who will be going after the roses.

After a series of casting calls, three girls were selected and each one campaigned for votes to be chosen as the first bachelorette. Thirty-two-year-old single mom Linda (from Vancouver) said she didn’t believe in love at first sight, so she was out. Jennifer, 25, has worked as a cheerleader, but her video showed her drinking alone at the bar, so she was out. That left Raelee Fedyna, a 26-year-old gymnastics coach and art director, who captured her country’s heart.

Credit: Google Plus Photo: Bachelor Canada Season 2 Contestant Raelee Fedyna

Is this weird? Nah, it’s just The Bachelor. Lucky for Raelee, she’s super into thrill-seeking, and hiked to Everest base camp with her family in 2013. In fact, her dream date is mountain climbing and extreme sports. So, go ahead and try to scare her, producers — that is, if they’re into the same kinds of scare tactics/”falling” in love metaphors we see in the U.S. version of the show.

While Raelee knows what she’ll be doing in a few months, they still haven’t chosen a Bachelor or the other 24 girls she’ll be competing with. But after being crowned the first girl at the party, Raelee spoke to reigning Bachelor Brad Smith, who advised her just to have fun and enjoy the time on the show. Translated from Canadian, we think that means tear the other girls to shreds.

What do you think about Canada voting on the girls for the show? Should we get to do that down in these parts, eh?

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