Not all of us are lucky enough to have ABC set us up with 25 eligible singletons. However, the unwashed masses rest of us are now getting a chance to bid on a memorable evening with one of Juan Pablo’s most fetching and convivial rejectees.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is organizing a charity date auction in Atlanta on Thursday, April 10, with all proceeds benefitting blood cancer research. According to the event’s poster, attendees will be able to bid on Atlanta’s “most beautiful people.” And one of those easy-on-the-eyes participants is Bachelor Season 18 contestant Kelly “Dog Lover” Travis. Miss Georgia 2013 Carly Mathis will also be on the auction block, in case hilarious and irreverent isn’t your thing.

First of all, we applaud Kelly for getting involved in such an important cause. And we must say, all those single guys living in Atlanta with money to burn are probably circling April 10 on their calendars with a red pen as we speak, since we can’t imagine anyone who’d be more fun to spend an evening chatting with than the ever clever Kelly.

And if Kelly brings her adorable pooch Molly on the date, then the sky’s the limit for how much money that date might go for.

Are you as impressed as we are that Kelly is agreeing to go on a date in order to benefit cancer research? And is there another Season 18 lady whom you also think would draw a hefty sum?

Source: Team in Training