Season 16 The Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson’s Monday started off reasonably well lounging on the beach and tweeting “Working on my tan lines, summer's here.” The tweet was accompanied by a selfie showing off her fit bikini bod.

Fast forward to later in the evening, and her day of fun in the sun seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Six hours later we were treated to another tweet, this time showing off a pic of her burnt self, crispy sideboob and all. 

The caption says it all: “User error. Might’ve jumped the gun on this summer thing.” Egads, yeah you did Courtney. What we love most about this pic is that she genuinely looks surprised that the sun is a) hot and b) can crisp you good if you fall asleep under it while sipping coladas. (Not that that’s what she did — we’re just projecting the story of our last sunburn onto her.)

Good thing there’s lots of time for the model to return to a normal shade of rose before her memoir, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain, lands in stores June 24.  She’ll likely be heading out on a book tour to promote the tell-all, and we’re sure she’s not going to want to be quite so tender to the touch while greeting rabid fans.

This pic does make us wonder: is Court trying to build up her base tan before filming starts on ABC’s new show Bachelor in Paradise? The cast list hasn’t been announced, but we know the Bachelor alum has been in talks with producers to star. If she’s going to be prancing around in a bikini on national television in the near future, it makes sense she’d start trying to tan up now...

Would you tune in if Court was on Bachelor in Paradise?

Source: Courtney Robertson Twitter