The Bachelor Season 16’s Jamie Otis shocked us all a couple weeks ago when she married a total stranger, Doug Hehner, on the fyi network’s Married at First Sight. Jamie admitted that she had serious cold footsies about her decision as she was walking down the aisle, and that she wasn’t attracted to her new hubby when she first laid eyes on him. But it appears girlfriend has had a change of heart — or is at least trying to.

Jamie — Otis? Hehner? Otehner? — recently posted two honeymoon photos on Twitter in which she still looks unsure about what she got herself into. In the first photo, Jamie and Doug hold up a pillow that has “relax” stitched on it. Jamie captions the photo “I took hint! #openup #relax.” The second photo she posted shows a framed photo of the “happy couple” on their honeymoon. Jamie teases fans with the caption: “honeymoon pic from personal collection. Does the pic stay framed in the end?”

According to the show’s concept, the pair only have to stay married for four weeks before deciding whether or not to continue as husband and wife or say it’s been fun and all, but hard pass. We know Jamie’s probably contractually obligated to promote the series, but posting the honeymoon photos seems a bit odd if she and Doug don’t stay together, right? Or are the photos sweet enough mementos to share regardless of the outcome of the relationship? We can’t decide.

So will they stay together once their allotted time participating in the social experiment is up? If Jamie’s Twitter is any indication, it would seem the couple have a shot. Girlfriend has made comments about how a person’s attractiveness can grow with time, i.e., she’s slowly getting on board with Doug’s mug, and she even went so far as to say that she now thinks Doug is more attractive than Ben Flajnik! We all know how into Ben she was, so we’d say the prognosis is positive.

Tell us what you think of the honeymoon photos in the comments — sweet or strange?

Source: Jamie on Twitter