Bon voyage Bachelor Season 10 heartthrob Andy Baldwin! The lead of ABC’s Officer and a Gentleman departed from San Diego today (July 25) on the USS Makin Island, and he prepared for his high seas adventure like any good military man would — with a snazzy new do.

The doc posted a photo of his shorn locks to Twitter with the caption, “deployment time. Going all in!” Talk about a close shave! And we thought we got razor burn...

It looks like Andy had a nice last few days on land, as he later posted a photo of himself and girlfriend Natalie Davila getting swanky with some fine dining, captioning the pic, “Loved the amazing send off dinner at @DonovansSD w/ my love @NatalieDavila_ Thank you!!” The duo have been dating for several years.

Andy hasn’t been on our radar for a while, but after the pic he posted of himself in his dress whites, we’re not sure why. Sailor’s got it goin on.

So what will Andy be up to while out at sea? The nature of the mission isn’t exactly public, but according to a Navy website, “the ARG/MEU team serves as a sea-based, expeditionary crisis response force capable of conducting amphibious missions across the full range of military operations.” We’re pretty sure that’s military speak for we’re a boat full of hotties.

Do you like Andy’s new look or do you prefer him with a longer coif? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Andy Baldwin on Twitter