Credit: MTV; Photo: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Brad Womack (Like, His Crush on Snooki!)

We now know way too much about Brad Womack. Some of the Bachelor’s revelations to are funny, some of them are sad (see Number 14), and some are just bizarre (see Number 25).

Read on for the full list — and stop feeling bad about making fun of Brad’s accent. He does it, too.


1. Bradley is my middle name; Stephen is my first name.

2. My favorite music is classic country: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson... No comparison. Except maybe for Justin Bieber.

3. My two brothers happen to be my very best friends.

4. I bought my first bar at 28.

Credit: via MySpace Photo: Brad Womack Poses at Uncle Flirty's Bar in Austin

5. I believe in brutal honesty.

6. I watch a different movie almost every night.

7. I realize how many times I say amazing, connection, and journey. No one finds me more cheesy than I do.

8. My pet peeve is when anyone takes themselves too seriously.

9. I'm loyal to a fault.

10. I like to dance, but I'm a terrible dancer.

Credit: Isaac Brekken/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney Photo: Brad Womack and Ashley Hebert Bust a Move in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5

11. I'm punctual.

12. I only listen to news and talk radio in my car.

13. I enjoy blue-collar work over what I've chosen as my career.

14. I eat very bland food. No salt, sugar, etc.

15. I can't stand my accent. I refer to myself as Simple Jack.

16. I have one drug of choice: Caffeine.

17. I'd like to say I have no regrets, but I can't.

18. I'm very into fashion.

Credit: Isaac Brekken/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney Photo: Brad Womack Goes Shopping in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5

19. Most nights I only sleep four hours.

20. The feature I look for in a woman is her smile.

21. I have the most fun when I'm laughing.

22. My favorite actor is Daniel Day-Lewis.

23. The most terrifying moment of my life occurred filming this season of The Bachelor.

24. My favorite TV show is The Soup.

25. I have a crush on Snooki.


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