Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney/ Photo: Holly Talks to Ben on The Bachelor Season 16 Premiere

No need for Flajnik panic (it rhymes!) — Benny boy’s The Bachelor Season 16 is not going to be dull. In fact, the quiet, failed proposer may just give us the best season yet. Why are we drunk with love for the winemaker’s “roller-coaster” “journey” through “the process”? Read on for 5 reasons why Ben Flajnik’s love story will be purrfact.

1. He's a catch

Brad Womack had to waste a lot of time on Season 15 just explaining his Season 11 actions, begging for another chance, getting slapped and even talking with a therapist. Several times. Ben isn't bringing that baggage to Season 16. As the runner-up of The Bachelorette Season 7, he's the ideal choice for a second chance. Host Chris Harrison has already said this season’s bachelorettes were “fired up” to learn that Ben was The Bachelor — and that’s certainly good news. Plus, it should spark some fun Michelle Money-worthy competitive drama. Who wouldn’t want to brag about landing the guy Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn’t keep? Ben has a great lifestyle to go with his good looks and quiet charm. He’s made it clear he’s ready to find The One and we can think of plenty of women who would love to move to Sonoma to be the winemaker's wife.

2. He's honest and genuine

Ben didn't see Ashley Hebert's "no, thanks" coming when he got down on one knee during The Bachelorette Season 7 finale. He honestly thought he was going to leave the show engaged... but instead left feeling like “an idiot.” After his failed proposal, he cut off the stammering Bachelorette with "What I don't need you to do is sugar-coat it." He was open in telling her there's no way to leave on good terms. "Good things don't end unless they end badly." It’s a strong statement. Maybe not everyone agrees with it, but if he still feels the same way, his own journey should be interesting. Many fans respected his honest, heartfelt reaction and we'll be expecting more of it throughout the show. He doesn’t seem like a phony guy who will say or do anything the producers want. He slowly let his guard down for Ashley and was brave enough to show his real anger at being rejected. It will be interesting to see how he handles things now that the shoe is on the other foot.

3. He's funny!

We mostly saw Serious Ben on The Bachelorette, but dude! The guy has an alter ego named Storm Horse! He makes crazy Saturday Night Live-worthy videos! Do you remember him giggling like a schoolgirl over Ashley's toes? That's the cool, fun Ben we want to see more of. Ashley's family fell hard for him and that's partly because they got to see more of his wit and charm. With a larger showcase, that side should be able to come out.

4. He'll have some wild contestants

The first promo of the season featured one of Ben's bachelorettes  riding into the meet-and-greet on a horse instead of out of a limo. That’s a first. And that's not even mentioning the elderly lady who hobbles up to Ben on crutches and says, "I fell madly in love with you." (Go, Nana, go!) We've read some of Reality Steve's spoiler teasers and this season is NOT going to be boring in terms of lady drama. Ben has a good mix of sexy models and sweet, smart career women, so everyone should have someone to root for (and against) which is always key.

5. He can’t do any worse than the rest

Look at what we’ve been dealing with lately — Brad Womack and Emily Maynard broke up at least once while Season 15; Jake Pavelka picked Vienna Girardi then had a gigantic public flame-out; Jason Mesnick picked Melissa Rycroft then changed his mind, making him the most hated Bachelor since Brad 1.0 walked away solo; Matt Grant picked Shayne Lamas then after they broke up he called her a ditz and she called him gay... and the seemingly meant-to-be Bachelorette Season 6 couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez broke our hearts and called it quits. Whatever Ben does, the romance bar is so dang low there’s almost no chance his season won’t be the best to date. (At least, for a while...) 

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