Credit: ABC via WENN

Tonight’s Bachelor Season 16: The Women Tell All gave Ben Flajnik’s eliminated women a chance to speak their minds. They got to the chance to defend their actions on the show, tell their point of view, and sound off on what they really thought about some of the season’s biggest dramatic moments.

Did Kacie Boguskie further cement her place in your heart as America’s sweetheart? Or did another girl emerge as your favorite of the night?

Credit: ABC via WENN

Were you impressed by the wit and no-holds-barred attitude of girls like Samantha LeveyJamie Otis or Blakeley Shea? Or are you more a fan of sweethearts like Nicki Sterling? Based on the response on Twitter, it appears that many viewers walked away from the show as proud members of Team Emily O'Brien.

The Women Tell All has come to an end, and we want to know which of Ben’s former ladies is your new favorite!

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