Do you really think these crazy cats would pack into the Bachelor Pad clown car for three weeks, eat bad pie, kiss gross strangers, answer humiliating survey questions, and cry over nothing — for free?!

Well… yeah, a lot of them probably would do just about anything for more TV time. But Reality Steve said the Bachelor Pad Season 2 cast is getting some moolah for their time — not counting whoever wins the big $250,000 prize.

As Steve writes in his Friday column:

“A lot of you have asked if the BP contestants are getting paid to be on the show. The answer is ‘yes’. BP contestants make $750 for every episode they last. Not every day they’re there, but every episode they last. So with six episodes total, the most you can make is $4500. Not bad for three weeks of filming, but not something you’re retiring on anytime soon.”

So there you have it. Still, we think Bachelor Jake Pavelka probably got something extra since he’s the big cheese (literally) who might actually save us from watching Kasey Kahl spend all his time singing to Vienna Girardi.

Source: Reality Steve

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