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Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I wonder what Tierra LiCausi is doing right now? Nevermind she's probably falling down some stairs — I wonder what Catherine Giudici is doing right now?" We're right there with you, guys.

Sean Lowe's mistresses grace us with their presence once a week on The Bachelor, and it just isn't enough. Luckily, we've rounded up this whack pack's Twitter handles, which means you can finally bear witness to every NC-17 thought in Ashley Palenkas' pervy brain!

AshLee Frazier: @ashleefrazier
Ashley Palenkas: @AshPalenkas
Catherine Giudici: @clmgiudici
Diana Weeks Willardson: @DianaWillardson
Jackie Parr: ‏@Jparrmakeup
Katie Levans: @sweettaterblog
Kacie Boguskie: @kacielynnb
Kristy Kaminski: @KristyKaminski
Lesley Murphy: @LesleyMurph
Leslie Hughes: ‏@leslieahughes
Paige Vigil: @paigevigil
Sarah Herron: @sarahherron
Selma Alameri: @SelmaAlameri

Shout-out to Top Reasons To Love The Bachelor for compiling this master list!

Source: Top Reasons To Love The Bachelor