Credit: Twitter

It's no secret that Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is crushing hard on Sean Lowe's sexy-exy, Selma Alameri. Arie's been smitten with Selma since she first stepped out of her limo during The Bachelor Season 17 premiere, and he's referred to her as "the beautiful Selma Alameri" on numerous occasions.

In fact, Arie even took it to Sulia to write about Selma's devastating good looks: "Selma was is so beautiful and although we didn't see much of her she made an impression on me so I have to think Sean feels the way."

Well, guys — it looks like Arie has majorly lucked out. Selma's 100-percent over Sean, and she's moving on with everyone's favorite NASCAR racer! "They're officially dating," a source tells In Touch. "She went to Arizona and visited him already."

In Touch's source seems to think Arie is dating Selma for the wrong reasons ("He's hanging onto fame!"), but considering that he's been hopelessly in love with her for months, we're going to go ahead and say his feelings are legit.

We're so happy that Selma has finally found someone who gets her motor running! Get it? Cars.

Source: Sulia, In Touch