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When it comes to giving good advice about kissing, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is Bachelor Sean Lowe’s go-to guy. But it turns out Arie is more than just the makeout maharaja, and the girl guru (oh yeah, we’re just getting started) has a lot to say about one of the contestants on Season 17 — Tierra LiCausi.

Tierra made a big impression on Sean, getting the first impression rose before she even walked in the Bachelor Mansion door. But since then, she’s gotten a little less awesome. She spent the majority of Episode 2 pouting about how little attention she was getting and generally being jealous of Sean dating the other girls. Because apparently, everyone except Tierra has seen the show and understands the concept of it.


Tierra’s “I’m not here to make friends” attitude already has people comparing her to Courtney Robertson, a subject Bachelorette alum Arie has plenty of knowledge on (considering the two recently ended their relationship). But unlike Tierra, Arie says in his blog, "Courtney was witty. The girls didn’t like her, but she was really funny. That was still attractive, whereas Tierra just comes across as a little jealous and intimidated by the other girls."

Credit: ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

As the show goes on, we’re probably gonna see more and more of her catty side coming out. "She’s not handling the pressure very well and when that comes into play, you become dramatic,” Arie says. Eventually, that drama will lead to Sean catching on and seeing her true colors. "He called her out on this episode and let her know, ‘Hey, I’ve noticed it,'" Arie says. "She's gotten her warning. If she doesn’t adapt and get comfortable with the situation then she’s at a risk for going home."

So, what should she do? Arie tears out a page from his own playbook, "If I were to give her any advice, I would say just to relax. Being jealous is not flattering. When you’re always jealous and you’re nervous, you can’t really be yourself. Confidence is always the best."

Duly noted.

Source: Arie’s Bachelor Blog