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We knew this day would come, but we just hadn’t prepared ourselves for what it would feel like. Ashley Spivey’s last Bachelor Pad 3 blog is here, and we’re sobbing through the LOLs. After eight weeks of amazing insights and ingenious screen grabs, we’ll miss Ashley big time — until she blogs The Bachelor in January!

But it’s not over just yet! Check out what Ashley had to say about the Bachelor Pad 3 Finale packed full of surprises.

On Erica Rose:

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Is it just me or does Erica Rose not look super amazing? Girlfriend looks more rejuvenated and refreshed than when her younger self was on her season of the Bachelor! It’s like she’s aging in reverse! I’m also loving her real hair!

On Michael Stagliano:

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By the end of Michael’s conversation with Chris Harrison, you can totally tell that dude is feeling pretty defeated. Michael may have won Bachelor Pad 2 but he definitely got his butt handed to him by Bachelor Pad 3. Bless his heart!

On the Jaclyn Swartz/Jamie Otis Feud:

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Jamie also gets into an argument with Jaclyn and calls her fake. Jaclyn responds by calling her socially awkward, which is one of the worst things someone can say about you. Especially when you are dressed as Urban Pocahontas.

On Chris Bukowski’s Apology:

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Chris tries to apologize to everyone and admit that the game took over his mind and made him act out of character. [...] Chris encourages people to vote for Sarah and to take him out of the equation. It’s not a totally ploy — everyone that voted for Nick and Rachel were definitely voting for Rachel and not Nick.

On Nick Peterson’s Win:

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I felt really conflicted about Nick during his little speech. Part of me agreed that it must have sucked to be such a non-issue for much of the game. However, I think it would have been nice of him to admit that he got all of the votes because of Rachel. He did owe her a little. I’m still coming to terms with how I feel about the ending. Because I love Rachel to death, I totally wanted her to win 250K. However, at the end of the day, it is a game and Nick just looked out for himself. I could never do something like that, but I can’t hate someone for doing it.

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