Credit: Bill Reitzel for Life & Style

When Bachelor Ben Flajnik proposed to Courtney Robertson and she exuberantly accepted, who knew it would take the couple eight months to cohabitate! Courtney and Ben have revealed to Life & Style that she’s finally made Ben’s apartment her home — though she’s keeping her own place back in LA — and the radiant couple gave the magazine a guided tour of their San Francisco love nest.

For the Bachelor couple, who have been engaged-dating (ahem, “engating”), there was simply no rush to take this next step. "It's a soft move-in," Ben says, "We're spending long periods together to make sure it works." He continues, "A couple of months ago we tried this, and it didn't go so well." Courtney explains, "We've been feeling our way through it, day by day."

So far, domesticity seems to equal bliss — Courtney gushes, "I love Ben very much — I've never loved anyone as much as I love him."

Source: Life & Style

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