Despite the fact that they were all vying for the affections of one man, many of the ladies on The Bachelor Season 16 got pretty close. They must have had a lot of down time while the object of their affections, Ben Flajnik, was off somewhere skinny-dipping with Courtney Robertson.

Credit: Instagram Photo: The Bachelor Throwback Thursday - Emily 'Brien, Elyse Myers, Jaclyn Swartz, Casey Shteamer, and Rachel Truehart

However, we have no idea what shenanigans led to this particular photo op, featuring (left to right) Emily O’BrienElyse MyersJaclyn SwartzCasey Shteamer, and Rachel Truehart. They look like a crew of Cindy Lou Whos from How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Source: Jaclyn Swartz’s Instagram