Credit: Ron Koeberer/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Bikinis and Skiing on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3

ABC closed down the streets of San Francisco so Ben Flajnik and his bachelorettes could strip down and ski around on his second group date of The Bachelor Season 16.  Sorry, locals! At least you can enjoy the view. Watch this sneak peek video of Episode 3, which features some more hatin’ on Blakeley Shea and her, um, "toys." Even sweet lil’ Kacie Boguskie joins in on the bashing, even saying that she “won’t be able to hang in there anymore” if Blakeley wins the group date rose. Yikes!

Credit: ABC Photo: Watch! Ben Flajnik's Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3 Group Date With His Bikini Babes [SNEAK PEEK VIDEO]