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Netherlandic man-beauty, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., is majorly invested in the current season of The Bachelor. Like, so invested that he wandered the hills and valleys of California until finding Sean Lowe's mansion just so he could teach him how to kiss. That’s brotherhood, guys.

To be honest, Arie might have even more feelings about The Bachelor than we do, and he took it to Sulia to dish on his top three picks for Sean's future wife! His faves? Sweet Catherine, Girl next door Desiree, and Sexy Selma!

"I really think the look in Catherine's eyes said it all and more importantly how Sean was taken back by her when she walked out of the limo gave me the feeling she is on his radar in a big way," Arie writes to his fan-girls. "Desiree was really refreshing and was so comfortable with Sean.. She's witty and has such a beautiful smile."

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Meanwhile, Arie seems to have a huge crush on Selma. "Selma was is so beautiful and although we didn't see much of her she made an impression on me so I have to think Sean feels the way," he says. They had no trouble agreeing on a certain blonde, so we can easily imagine the two taking their twinsie-hood taste to the brown zone. 

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Do you agree with Arie's picks? We're not sure Selma will make it to the finals since she and Sean didn't have a huge chance to talk, but there's no doubt in our minds that Catherine is a keeper. Plus, she called Sean a "hunk" — AKA our favorite word in The Bachelor Dictionary.

Source: Sulia