Credit: ABC

We have constant panic attacks when thinking about being one of the final two girls on The Bachelor. “What if he doesn’t choose me? What if he does and I decide I don’t want to marry him but don’t wanna look like a total dick on the show? Will my hair still look okay? What would I wear? How do I keep from sweating since they insist on having every finale somewhere super hot or freezing?” See? We’re a giant, raccoon-eyed mess. Lucky for us, Ali Fedotowsky is watching us from above, softly petting our ratted hair and telling us things will be okay.

In her Bachelor blog, Ali spills the deets on just how many ladies in waiting you get when you’re a big deal. “The girls do all their own hair and makeup,” she says of day-to-day life on the show. “On the very first night there are people there for touch-ups, but that's it.” Ugh, no wonder Tierra was so worried about her makeup running in Curacao.

Credit: ABC

So what about the finale? “I don't know for sure if the final two girls get their makeup done (I didn't make it that far on The Bachelor), but I do know that they are given dresses for the last rose ceremony. So I assume they get hair and makeup as well.” We’re already salivating over Catherine Giudici’s finale dress like a hipster at an Instagram food porn convention.

But what about poor Sean? Who will bleach his eyebrows even more? “As the Bachelorette, I got to use Chris Harrison's hair/makeup artist, but only during the rose ceremonies—not on the dates,” Ali discloses. No wonder Sean’s every day redness is a little blotchy sometimes...

Source: Ali’s E! Bachelor Blog