Credit: video still

There are so many types of hot messes living in Bachelor Mansion. Ladies who get drunk and proposition Sean Lowe (guilty!), ladies who spend hours sad-facing into the roaring fire pit, and — our personal favorite — ladies who sit quietly in the corner plotting the doom of their competitors with the friendly voices in their heads.

Which brings us to our imaginary best friend Amanda Meyer and her sinister plot to steal Sean Lowe's love one demented side-eye at a time. Basically, she's Lauren Conrad circa that time she didn't go to Paris, and who can blame her? Better than being Heidi Montag circa every day of the week. (Also, everything comes back to The Hills.)

Credit: ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

Amanda spent this entire week perched on the corner of the couch looking like this (we're so scared...and also filled with yuletide joy), but as soon as Sean sashayed into the room she bloomed like a beautiful dewy rose and busted out a completely different personality. Otherwise known as Dr. Jekyll. 

Our theory? Amanda's body is fueled by a healthy combination of white wine and the smell of Sean's abs, and if she doesn't get her fix she shuts down like a robot. Or, we could just go with the fact that she's hatching an evil plan to pour hot wax in everyone's monokinis.