Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Tierra LiCausi in The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 3

We are so inspired by Tierra LiCausi. So inspired that "Dream Weaver" starts playing in our minds whenever she walks into a room. And when we say "walks," we mean hobbles –– girlfriend's legs are seriously compromised since she threw herself down a flight of stairs during this week's episode of The Bachelor.

Credit: ABC via WENN

Word on the street is that Tierra faked her fall to get Sean Lowe's attention, so please join us as we slow clap with respect. We are so proud of you, girl.

We know Sean's future wives will do almost anything to win his heart, but Tierra just took hot messiness to a whole new level by risking her life. And the way she managed to curl her body into the fetal position while simultaneously presenting her assets to Sean so he could stroke them was top-notch. She was like one of those angry male baboons who wanders around the rainforest traumatizing everyone by mooning them. But sexy. 

In other news, we're worried about Tierra's brain. Who knows what kind of internal damage took place when she hit her head on Bachelor Mansion's staircase. Girl could be speaking in tongues before the week is over. And yes, we mean that in so many more ways than one. So many more.