Credit: ABC via WENN

By a show of hands, who thinks Sean Lowe is the best Bachelor in history? Everyone? Cool. Moving on. Now that we’ve established the dreamy, gorgeous, sweet Season 17 dude is a great catch, we have some beef to discuss.

Namely, it’s about the discussion of, um, beef. Here’s the problem: We can’t tell whether or not Sean likes girls to tell him about each other, or doesn’t. Let’s start with Exhibit A: Kacie Boguskie, who came to Sean when she sensed tension between Amanda Meyer and Desiree Hartsock in Episode 3. Sean said “I’m confused why you’re telling me this” and dismissed her later in the show. Problem with her approach was twofold: There was no real tension, it was just that Amanda is nuts, and second, it had nothing to do with Sean. Verdict? Makes sense that he wasn’t cool with her behavior.

Credit: ABC via WENN

But Exhibit B is a different, and crazier, story, because it’s Tierra LiCausi. When Jackie Parr was on her 2-on-1 with Sean and TL on Episode 5, she used some of her precious time to tell Sean to watch his back skin, because Tierra just might shave it off and wear it as a shower cap... Or something. Later in the date, Jackie was dismissed. Though it may have been because we saw her for like 10 minutes and can’t imagine there was much of a connection given her scant time with Sean, her confrontation probably didn’t help.

So, we can see that maybe it’s not a great idea to talk to the Bachelor about things, right? Even when it affects him via a crazy broad being crazy? Wrong. Later in the evening, during the cocktail party, Sean saw Tierra being a weirdo and asked to talk to Lesley Murphy — aka one of the only sane ones in the house — about Tierra! He asked her straight up what she thought of Tierra and it was obvious Les didn’t want to cross the line and be sent home. 

What is Sean’s game here? He sends home the girls who talk about things he might (or might not) want to know, but then actively seeks out information about similar drama. Is he sending mixed messages? Are the situations significantly different? Weigh in with your thoughts below.