Credit: ABC

Tierra LiCausi has been... how do we put this... controversial? Yeah, that’s a good word. She has been a controversial character on The Bachelor Season 17 so far, and it seems that her only fan on the show is Sean Lowe. Despite all of her crazy antics, it's possible that she and Sean really do have a connection. So, we were pretty surprised when we spotted this picture on Tierra’s Instagram.

What gives? True, the show has wrapped and it’s only a few weeks until Sean and his lucky fiancée come out into the world as man and future wife. Is it Tierra? She’s never cared much for rules on the show, so we could see her posting pics with no regards to her contract.

Just as easily, she could be telling us that Sean didn’t pick her but she doesn’t give a f*ck. After all, on Episode 5, she said “If I want to go get engaged, I could easily go get engaged. There’s plenty of guys in the world.” Did she find one?

What do you think, Bachelor Nation? Did Tierra get engaged to Sean and leak the picture of her, um, super tasteful ring? Does she need some lotion? Did she get some other guy to sign up for a life with her? Or is she just messing with us? We wouldn’t put any of those options past her. Weigh in below.

Source: Instagram