Credit: ABC

Let’s all give it up for Lindsay Yenter, the girl whose joke of showing up on The Bachelor in a white wedding dress lasted about six hours longer than it was funny — to everyone including Lindsay herself. But seriously, she has got to have some major cojones to make that Sean Lowe’s first impression of her, and it totally paid off.

Even while other girls were wearing leftover prom dresses (did that one come from Mariposa? You know the one we’re talking about...) or perfectly chosen figure flatterers, Linds stuck it out and got the rose to make it worthwhile.

But real talk time for a moment, k guys? Would you have made such a bold move? It worked for Courtney Robertson when she staged a fake wedding on her hometown date with Ben Flajnik (well, we use the word “worked” flexibly). Is the veil a smooth move, or is there a better way to make a big entrance?