Credit: Jenna Burke

Sometimes it’s hard to wade through all the feelings we have about The Bachelor. Sean Lowe is such a hot commodity — and we just know that as soon as the kissing ass and taking names part of the whole shebang begins, we’re going to have questions.

Namely, what do you wear to meet your husband for the first time? Would you rather be first out of the limo or last? Do you go for it and show up in a wedding dress to make sure Sean knows you’re serious about wanting to settle down? Would it be rude if we just hump his leg a little?

Lucky for us all, Bachelor Season 16 alum Jenna Burke is here to help. She’ll be guiding us through the during parts and the afterglow of it all, chatting live with fans on Spreecast and giving us the insight only someone super hot and inexplicably let go by someone much less hot than Sean can give. Oh, and just so we know we’ve got all the bases covered, some fellow Bachelor Nation alumni will be stopping by to chime in.

You can tune in at 7PM PST for all the excitement.

Source: Spreecast