Credit: Kevin Foley/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

We knew Sean Lowe was sweet, kind, and hunky, but we didn’t realize he was such a maverick! After presenting a rose to one girl who made a big impression, Sean continued to dole out the roses as he damn well pleased throughout the first night in the mansion. It certainly made for a much shorter—and much more intense—rose ceremony!

We’re absolutely dying to tell you absolutely everything, but we’re afraid if we do we’ll get nothing but coal in our stockings. You’re just going to have to wait until January 7th to find out which of the 25 (or is it 26?) women Sean chooses in the premiere. However, we can give you a couple teasers.

First off, Sean gives out 12 (!) roses throughout the cocktail party. Second, it’s pretty clear early on that Sean’s not looking for a big partier; drinking too much and acting a fool won’t earn you much more than a limo ride back to your hotel.

Source: ABC MediaNet

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