Credit: YouTube

It’s here! Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor is here! Well, at least the promo is. And thanks to a tweet from ABC exec Robert Mills, we are able to share the video with those of you who missed it when it aired during The American Music Awards and Dancing with the Stars — or those of you who simply want to catch that chiseled physique a second (third, fourth, twentieth...) time.

It’s also good to get to see it again in order to catch some things we missed. Like did you see Sean’s expression over the girl in the wedding dress? We LOLed. The contestant who made that bold move is Lindsay Yenter, for those of you following our spoilers. (And for those of you who aren’t, don’t follow that link down the rabbit hole!)

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch The Bachelor 2013 Promo: Partially Nude Sean Lowe! (VIDEO)

What did you think? Are you even more excited now?

Source: Robert Mills’ TwitterYouTube