Sean Lowe is a man of many talents, most of which include being shirtless, looking hunky, and posing with a myriad of adorable people/animals. First, there were pics of Sean with babies, then there were pics of Sean with puppies, and now, there is a photo of Sean with an old lady. It's like he doesn't even give our ovaries a chance not to explode.

Check out this picture of Sean posing with his grandma. Some thoughts:

1. Sean looks good in flannel, might be a secret lumberjack.
2. Is that blondie in the background Chris Harrison in disguise? We're thinking yes.
3. Little old ladies are almost as cute as small children.
4. Sean remains adorable, our future husband, etc.

Care to add to this list of musings about Sean's many virtues? The more comments the merrier, Bachelor Nation!

Source: The Shull Family Blog