Credit: Mike Fleiss on Twitter Photo: Bachelor Sean Lowe Kisses Lesley Murphy on The Bachelor 2013

Bachelor 2013: Sean Lowe Caught Kissing [SPOILER] During One-On-One Date

The Bachelor Season 17 has been filming for a week, and we’re already poring over the juicy details that are spilling out all over our fair internet.

Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Sean Lowe Gets Shirtless on Malibu Beach Date

While The Bachelor Season 17 doesn’t premiere until January 2013, we’re grateful to have visions of shirtless Sean Lowe dancing in our heads.

Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Neil Lane Reveals Details of a Sean Lowe One-on-One Date!

Neil Lane — the luxury jeweler behind all those jaw-dropping Bachelor engagement rings — revealed to that Sean’s headed to his secret diamond lair with one lucky lady in tow.

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