Credit: ABC via WENN

Selma Alameri might not be willing to plant a kiss on Sean Lowe's sensual lips, but there's no denying that these two have chemistry. Sean and Selma have been making eyes at each other since Selma sashayed out of her limo during The Bachelor's Season 17 premiere, and their relationship heated up during a super-romantic one-on-one date.

There's no doubt that Selma gets far in the competition, but does she win Sean's heart? Don't count on it, ladies who want Sean's babies. This brunette bombshell gets eliminated during The Rose Ceremony in Lake Louise, Canada, which will go down in Episode 6 (airing February 5th at 9pm ET).

We're not sure why Sean lets Selma go, but it's possible that their lack of physical intimacy was just too much for him to handle. Either that or she suffered some kind of Canadian meltdown during the group canoeing trip, where it appears that half Sean's ladies were struck with hypothermia.

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Source: Reality Steve