Age: 27
Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Occupation: Cosmotologist

Yet another lady to join the throngs of women ready to make Bachelor Sean Lowe their man? That’s right — meet Ashley Palenkas!

Ashley hails from the Midwestern state of Michigan, and you know what that means — girlfriend has charm, values and loves delicious food. She’s uber-health conscious and cares about eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods. No wonder she’s got a figure that doesn’t quit!

She’s also a licensed cosmetologist working at a salon in Birmingham, MI — which totally explains her long flowing locks of ombre goodness. By night she tends bar in nearby Clinton Township, so she’s got conversation skills galore. Slinging drinks and making nice? That’s basically the best possible strategy for winning The Bachelor...

Either way, we’re thinking between her charisma, wit and oh-so big hair, Sean might just be smitten!

Source: Reality StevePintrest

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