Age: 26
Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL
Occupation: Makeup Artist

We admit it — we’re filled with the kind of Bachelor contestant envy that can only come from knowing 25 women that aren’t us will get up close and personal with Sean Lowe’s abs. But — sigh — we have to admit that this gal really does seem like the loveliest of ladies. Meet Jackie Parr!

Credit: Twitter

Jackie Parr is a triple threat — she has talent, looks, and a body that could make grown men weep. She nurtures her creative side as a professional makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics — and girlfriend does hair, too! She’s worked on both celebrity jeweler Jill Zarin and crooner John Secada, and is basically responsible for making beautiful celebs even more beautiful. And, because she’s so well-trained in makeup artistry, Jackie herself looks insanely perfect in every photo — seriously, she’s gorgeous.

Then there’s her body, which is simply incredible. She works hard at maintaining it, by “eating clean” and working out like crazy. We can already see Jackie and Sean bonding over a set of a couple hundred crunches...

Source: Reality SteveTwitter

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