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With the premiere of Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor mere weeks away, we’re chomping at the bit more than Lindzi Cox’s horse to get all the dirt. Who will have the first drunken ugly cry? Who will fall on her ass? Oh, yeah, and I guess we care about all that romance stuff, too.
Well, we can’t reveal everything we know, but we can reveal some details that Reality Steve leaked on Twitter this morning. So, if you don’t want to be totally surprised on the opening rose ceremony, you’d better mosey on out.

A record 12 girls receive roses before the official rose ceremony, leaving 14 to vie for seven roses. According to Reality Steve, the following girls receive first (second, third, fourth...) impression roses:

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If you’ve been following all our spoilers, some of those names will look especially familiar, because three out of the final four are among them. It’s true what they say: first impressions are lasting impressions.
As for the rose ceremony, Steve also posted a list of girls who took the limo ride of shame:

Such a bummer. But somebody has to go home first, right?

Source: Reality Steve’s Twitter

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