Credit: ABC via WENN

We’ve already reported on rumors that ABC producers manipulated Arie Luyendyk, Jr., before the final rose ceremony The Bachelorette Season 8, and now it sounds like they’re employing questionable tactics to manipulate... street chickens?

Weird as that sounds (it’s definitely weird to type), a source in St. Croix took to Twitter while Sean Lowe's Season 17 of The Bachelor was filming at the time to point out some shady tactics producers were pulling out of their buckets. St. Croix Libation Society accused Bachelor showrunners of feeding the chickens who roam the streets in order to get them riled up on camera. But — get this — they didn't just feed them crystallized tears of lost contestants (they taste like rock candy) or the food the girls don't eat on their 1-on-1s. Nope, word on the street (literally) is that they fed them... shredded chicken.

We’re not poultry experts or anything, but that just sounds WRONG.

Source: Twitter