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Can’t sleep? Staying up all night, rewatching The Bachelor Season 17 promo clips and analyzing them until nothing makes any sense anymore and you start counting spray tans instead of sheep while trying to fall asleep? Welcome, newbie, welcome to our lair.

Considering we’ve already established that we are all OBSESSED with Season 17 and have been to Vegas twice (once for each episode so far) to place and change our bets on who Sean Lowe picks... well, we’re just glad everyone’s on the same page.

By now, you’ve watched Tierra LiCausi fall down the stairs approximately 54 times (one for each of your cat’s nine lives) and have picked out which girl you think caused the topple. Well, let’s throw another wrench in your bet: after one girl this season gets injured, Sean adds insult by SENDING HER HOME.

And because every rose has its thorn, we’ll add another variable. According to Reality Steve, Amanda “Crazy Eyes” Meyer also has a spill. In Episode 4, the ladies go roller, because the theme this season is apparently “Terrible Dates” (yeah, we see you falling off that building, Sarah). Anyhoo, Amanda injures her jaw “pretty bad” and has to go to the hospital.

All’s fair in love and reality, right? So, which of these two black ‘n’ blue babes gets cut? According to Steve, it’s Amanda who gets popped and then booted. Do they make rose-shouldered dresses in black? Because we’re in mourning.

Source: Reality Steve