Credit: ABC

It's double the pleasure double the fun in Bachelor Nation! In the first week of February, fans will be gifted to two episodes of The Bachelor, which will take place in both Montana and Canada. Color us excited, eh? (Sorry, we had to.)

Expect Sean Lowe to break more than the usual amount of hearts — in fact, he'll be left with just 9 women to choose from after Jackie and Robyn are eliminated in Montana. We know, 26 down to 9... how did this happen so fast?!

Shockingly, three ladies will be auf'd while visiting Canada, starting with Sarah. According to Reality Steve, this gorgeous gal will volunteer to leave at some point during the group date (which involves canoeing — the horror), and then Selma and Daniella will both get deflowered during the rose ceremony (although it's possible that Daniella will be kicked off during the cocktail hour).

That leaves just Desiree, Catherine, Lindsay, AshLee, Tierra and Lesley in the running to win Sean's heart! Desperate to know who gets the final rose? Head over here to be spoiled silly... You're in for a huge surprise!

Source: Reality Steve