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The dates Sean Lowe took his lady loves on in The Bachelor Season 17 were certainly memorable — whether it was jumping off a building, climbing rock formations with ill-fitting harnesses, or risking hypothermia in various contexts, we won’t soon forget any of them. But for lucky winner Catherine Giudici, we’re sure she is looking forward to a lifetime of questionably safe romantic encounters. But there were some lovely moments between them, and they recalled a couple during a recent conference call with reporters.

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“It has to be our date in Canada where we went on to the glacier and the giant snow bus,” Sean reflects, of the time when Catherine tucked her entire tiny body into a wheel well. “[T]hat was our very first one-on-one date. And that was just a special day. The two of us, we had so much fun during the day playing around, acting like big kids, and then, in the evening, having, you know, the romantic time inside the ice castle. That was — that was just a day that I'll never forget.”  

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But as much fun as Catherine had showing off her hard-won fitness in a shapeless snow suit, that day in Canada wasn’t her favorite moment with her future husband. “I thought that Thailand and (Kobi) was really, really special,” she spills, borrowing Sean’s second favorite word.  

“I mean, both — both places, I had a different appreciation for him because I missed him so much after hometown dates and being away from him for so long, I really could have a different connection with him when I was in Thailand. So that was really memorable to me on a lot of levels.”

That’s so funny, we figured that Catherine would have summed up her enjoyment with visceral flashbacks of paddling canoes, chugging goat milk, and operating saws with no supervision...

Source: ABC