Credit: ABC

Bachelor Sean Lowe certainly has his work cut out for him in eliminating any of the gorgeous girls who showed up to marry him on Season 17. One of our favorites is Sarah Herron, the 26-year-old advertising designer from Marina Del Rey, CA. Besides being beautiful and smart, she seems to be one of the girls most comfortable in her own skin.

While competing with 16 (and counting) women to find love on The Bachelor is nerve-wracking enough, homegirl has something that sets her apart — she only has one arm. Sarah was born with amniotic band syndrome. What exactly does that mean?

Basically, when a fetus is in utero, parts of the amniotic sac can rupture and fibers of the sac float in the amniotic fluid. When the fetus grows, the fibers do not and can encircle limbs or digits, constricting their blood flow and eventually leading to amputation. In Sarah’s case, her left arm was amputated above the elbow.

But while some people might call it a disability, Sarah does not try to hide her difference and functions just like everyone else. The gorgeous California girl uses the remainder of her limb to support her while cooking, riding her bike, and living life in the sun. How far will she get on the show? Only time (and these spoilers) will tell.

Source: Wikipedia

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