Credit: ABC via WENN

In case watching Bachelor Sean Lowe instruct 25 ladies to form a line to the left of happiness wasn’t enough for you, ABC has more in store for all of us. And because we didn’t get enough tears, yelling, and eyebrow uncontrollableness during Season 17, there’s the Women Tell All special. The episode airs on March 4 and we have all the scoop on the bloodbath for you.

Showrunners have hinted heavily that Tierra LiCausi might not even show her eyebrow or forehead back onscreen. After all, why would she want to face the ladies who made her feel like she couldn’t show her sparkle? So, will she or won’t she? Turns out, she’s going to give us exactly what we want when she makes a “dramatic entrance” back into Bachelor Nation.

And after she walks in, things don’t get any better. According to an exclusive Wetpaint source, She blamed everyone else, saying all the girls had been against her from the beginning because she got that first rose outside of the house,” the source continues. “She said everyone turned on her.” is going to have an “explosive” confrontation with the ladies when she returns to the hot seat.

Credit: ABC via WENN

But that’s not the only girl in need of a little closure and justification — fan favorite Sarah Herron will also be trying to get the facts straight on what went wrong. And considering how awkward of an exit AshLee Frazier and her steely glare made from Thailand, we’ve been super concerned about how Ash and Sean will interact when they are forced to open their mouths and make words come out.

Although AshLee felt completely destroyed by the situation, it’s Sean who is probably the most nervous. “He thought that AshLee took that moment away from him because he deserved the right to talk to her and explain himself," Chris Harrison told TV Guide about her silent exit.

Sound like a good time to you? Us too. See you Monday...