Credit: ABC Photo: Holly Durst and Ben Flajnik

Have you ever looked at someone, locked eyes with their soul, and just knew they were the one? That’s basically what happened when Holly Durst left her laptop unattended and her dog, Molar Bear (we know!), caught glimpse of Scotch — Scotch Flajnik, that is.

Credit: Twitter

We were still gushing about the pic Ben Flajnik shared of his four-legged bestie taking the wheel of his car, captioned, “Look who decided to drive my car to work today.” One look, and we about died of adorable — but we weren’t the only ones awestruck by Scotch’s sweet face.

Credit: Twitter

Soon after Holly Durst chimed in, sharing a pic of her lovestruck pooch Molar Bear (OMG — we can’t get enough of that name!). She tweets, “@BenFlajnik & @BugRobertson I think we should set Scotch up with our dog Molar Bear.... I caught Molar Bear staring at your dog. I think she might be in love.”

All other cute animal pics can take their balls and go home — Holly Durst, yours wins.

Source: Twitter

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